As demand for pet parrots increases, so to does the demand for babies. Many bird breeders simply create low-priced, low-quality parrots in cramped and unsanitary conditions. The babies that are raised in this type of environment do not make good companions. Our nursery facility is state of the art including all digital brooders, baby cameras, highest quality hand feeding formula, organic fruits and veggies, and strict cleaning protocols. Additionally, we have been working with parrots for more than 25 years!

Parrots Unlimited raises parrots in a home, not a pet store.

Being one of the most intelligent animals on earth, the proper environment to raise and socialize a young parrot is very important. This is extremely difficult for pet store birds or parrots coming straight from a breeder, since they first have to deal with their drastic change in environment. Bird stores and pet store birds will be raised in a store setting with 9 to 5 hours. Unlike stores, Parrots Unlimited raises babies in a home for your home, meaning all babies will already be accustom to a household environment (TV, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, men, women, children, dogs, etc).

Parrots Unlimited raises more than 20 different species of companion birds.

If you already know the species you would like to get, GREAT! If you need help in determining the best possible match based upon your lifestyle, we are here to help! From Amazons to Ringnecks to Conures, Macaws, Cockatoos and more, we will have your dream bird! Parrots Unlimited will always have what you’re looking for.

Parrots Unlimited is untouchable when it comes to value.

While Parrots Unlimited can’t always compete on price with some low cost breeders, Parrots Unlimited offers competitively priced babies and offers significant value and support that no one else within the industry can provide! Parrots Unlimited spends a significant amount of time with each baby, hand-feeding, socializing, training, and loving with the goal of providing the finest companion parrots available. In addition to the bird itself, we also offer an amazing assurance policy, and on-going support that is truly unmatched!

Parrots Unlimited offers the best assurance policy in the industry.

Parrots Unlimited provides the most comprehensive assurance policy anywhere. While most pet stores and breeders will offer health guarantees, usually ranging from a few days to a couple of months, Parrots Unlimited gives a one year limited warranty, extensive instructions and training on how to care for your bird, 24 hour emergency phone number, and a lifetime of phone support for you and your parrot.

Parrots Unlimited provides FREE phone support.

Parrots Unlimited is committed to making both you and your bird as happy as possible. Part of our assurance policy includes behavioral consultation, which means we’ll be available, day or night, to help you solve any problems you might be running into in your parrot-ownership.