Tips & Resources on How to Give
Your Companion Parrot the Best Quality of Life

Courtesy of Avian Behavior International

Courtesy of Avian Behavior International

Avian Behavior Lab: An Immersive Online
Learning Experience

The Avian Behavior Lab is comprised of a library of in-depth step by step courses, live training sessions, and 1 on 1 help

These courses are designed to help you increase the quality of life of your parrots in their daily routines and equip you with the tools you need to build a positive relationship with your birds (and your other animals)

You'll Learn All About:

Some courses included in the Lab are: ‚Äč

    • How to Step Up Any Bird
    • Teach Your Bird to Play
    • Harness Training Your Bird
    • How to Build a Table Top Perch
    • Voluntary Nail Trims
    • Reducing Jealousy in a Flock
    • Hormonal Parrots
    • Quarantining with Your Parrot

    The growing library of courses also includes:

    topics relating to reinforcing mechanics, how to step your bird up without getting bitten, shoulder manners, station training, and aggressive responses.

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