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Are you looking for something that is truly unique and different? Don’t want to deal with the noise associated with parrots? Toucanettes and Aracaris (miniature toucans) make excellent pets. They are friendly, cuddly, playful, intelligent and curious about their surroundings. They like to play with toys, interact with their owners, and provide wonderful companionship. They will sit on your shoulder and cuddle in your lap. Toucanettes and Aracaris have many advantages when compared to parrots as pets. They do not scream or make loud noises. Since their beaks are not powerful, they cannot bite hard and, in fact, have difficulty squeezing a grape. They do not have feather dander, like cockatoos, and will not "dust up" the house.

Toucanettes and Aracaris have special dietary requirements and eat larger quantities of food. They process their food much more rapidly than parrots and other birds. Because of this, they MUST have fresh fruit daily and a constant supply of low iron (softbill) pellets.

Species Available: Emerald Toucanettes, Collard Aracaris, Curl-Crested Aracaris. Various TOUCAN and HORNBILL species are also available as well.

Fun Facts

Our hornbills and toucanettes are some of our favorite birds to raise and keep as pets. We adore our hornbills!!


Pricing for A Hand-Fed Baby

Depends on the Species

$1200 - $5000

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