Pionus Parrots

The Pionus Parrots are medium-sized parrots native to Central and South America. Pionus are excellent pets, great temperament, and quiet. This is another excellent choice for families or for the first time parrot owner. Pionus are known for their quiet (compared to other parrots) and reserved natures. Unlike some other companion parrots, they are not particularly playful, but they do provide companionship and are described as gentle and charming pets.

Species Available: Blue Headed, White Capped, and Bronze Wing.

Fun Facts

Looking for a perfect size parrot that is quiet and friendly? Look no further than the wonderful Pionus Parrots. They make outstanding companions for families due to their gentle and easy going personality. 


Pricing for a Hand-Fed Baby

Depends on the Species

$1500 - $1800

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