Do you like the look and personality of a macaw; however don’t want the size or loud call?

A wonderful option is the Mini Macaws. Mini Macaws have inquisitive personalities and an excellent ability to mimic. They are extremely playful and interactive and have many of the social characteristics of the larger macaw species. If you like the macaw personality but don't have the space for a large species, one of these delightful minis is a great choice! I recommend them both highly for family pets, as they can be socialized to bond with several people in the family.

Commonly kept species include Yellow Collar, Hahns, Severe, and Red Front.

Fun Facts

Do you like the "big" personality of a macaw but want something smaller with a softer call? Well, look no further than the mighty "mini" macaws! 


Cost for Hand-Fed Baby:

Ranges and Depends on Species

$1500 - $2400

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