Senegals, Meyers, and Jardine Parrots


Compact, cuddly, and very playful describe this group of parrots. Senegal and Meyers Parrots are popular parrot companions due to their size, color, and pet qualities. They are also much quieter than many of the smaller, more colorful and popular parrots, like conures. For this reason they make ideal pets for apartment or condominium living or for families with small children. Additionally, they enjoy spending time with their owners and be the center of attention without being demanding.

Fun Facts

Looking for a great family pet or something that is quiet and won't upset your neighbors? Look no further.... A Meyers, Jardine, and even a Senegal all make outstanding choices. Side note, they are not known for their talking ability but make up for it with their charming personalities. 


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