Macaws are stunning companion parrots and offer impressive size and vivid coloration. Macaw species range in size from the tiny Hahn’s macaw (12 inches) to the impressively large hyacinth Macaw (40 inches). They can be quite entertaining companion parrots and are fond of attention and people. Macaws are wonderful birds and are highly intelligent. Macaws have a loud call and they are not recommended to individuals living in apartments or condos.

Macaws love to play, chew lots of wood, can be mischievous but in a friendly manner. Macaws are loaded with personality and will be the center of your life. Due to their size, macaws are not recommended as pets for families with small children.

Commonly kept species include Blue & Gold, Greenwing, Scarlets, Ruby, Military, and Hyacinth.

Fun Facts

Macaws out color and large parrots with a loud call at times. Most people call the macaws "gentle giants" due to their sweet personalities.  The largest parrot species in the world is the Hyathinth Macaw - with stunning navy blue color.


Cost for Hand-Fed Babies:

Depending on the Species

$3000 - $6000

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