High Yellow Sun Conures


We have partnered with a private breeding facility that has selectively bred yellow sun conures for the past 24 years. The high yellow sun conures are beautiful and most are pure yellow when mature. The personality and temperaments are great – just like normal colored sun conures! Remember, they are normal sun conures.... We just call them platinum not high  yellow as others "say" they have high yellow -but ours are the real thing!!! That is why we call them platinum as they are in a class all by themselves!


If you are looking for something unusual and visually stunning – look no further! Our high yellow sun conures are in high demand and if you’re interested, please check our availability page or contact us to join our waiting list! We have plenty more pictures and videos (for serous buyers) or visit our Facebook page as we have more pictures and videos there. Remember to like us so you won't miss our future updates. 

Interesting Facts

Sun conures make great pets for families and are gentle with kids. Our high yellow suns are one of our favorite species to raise! The only consideration with a sun conure is some of them can be loud at times.


Not recommended for people in apartments. 


Price For A Hand-Fed Baby:


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