Parrots Unlimited now offers high quality Cockatiels!


Parrots Unlimited (and now cockatiels) made the decision to recently add these wonderful companion birds to our companion birds offerings. The decision was due to the number of requests we were receiving for hand raised (home raised) cockatiels that received the same socialization as our larger parrot babies coupled with that many breeders are no longer raising cockatiels making them harder and hard to find. We raise all colors, however focus on the more unusual color combinations! Some of our babies are incredibly colored! If you are looking for a super sweet companion that is also beautifully colored, give us a call or check our available page to find out what is currently available!

Fun Facts

Once extremely common, cockatiels are now getting hard and hard to find. They pet qualities are outstanding and make popular pets for families. 


Pricing For A Hand-Fed Baby

Ranges Depending On Color

$150 - $300

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