Amazon Parrots


Amazon Parrots are known for their exceptional vocal abilities, playfulness, and lively personalities. Amazons are devoted companions and require a lot of attention when kept as pets. Amazons are native to Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Caribbean Islands. Amazon parrots are probably most desired for their ability to talk. While not every individual will learn to pick up sounds, most learn to mimic sounds and amazon parrots also seem to be inclined to copy singing more so than other species. Amazons a predominantly green with accent colors including yellow, orange, and reds.

There are 27 different species of amazon parrot with the most commonly kept species include Blue Front, Yellow Nape, Double Yellow Head, Spectacled (or White Front), Lilac Crowned, and Orange Wing.

Fun Facts

Amazons are considered to be the best talking parrot (along with African Grey Congos). If you are looking for a bird with an outgoing personality - An amazon might be right for you. They tend to be one person birds as they get older. 


Cost For Hand-Fed Babies

Depends on Species

$1500 - $2500

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