African Greys


The African Grey Parrot is a medium-sized parrot native to Africa and is considered one of the most intelligent of all birds. There are two species of African Greys, the Timneh Grey, which is a darker shade of gray, with maroon-colored tail feathers and the Congo African Grey, which is larger and lighter colored. The Congo African grey has a red-colored tail.

These highly intelligent birds require a lot of attention and stimulation and can become quite devoted to their owners. Both the Congo and Timneh African Grey are excellent mimics and learn to talk extremely well. The African Grey is around 13 inches tall with Timnehs slightly smaller than the Congos.

Fun Facts

African Greys are known as one of the best talking parrots. However, they are not known to be super cuddly and would rather enjoy sitting on your hand with a head scratch.  


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